Biederman Institute - Online Privacy Conference 2015

Government Access to Data: Surveillance, Privacy and Security After Snowden

Moderator: Lee Tien, Senior Staff attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Panelists: Jon Callas, co-Founder, Blackphone and co-founder and CTO, Silent Circle
Timothy Edgar, Visiting Fellow, Brown University’s Watson Institute
for International Studies and adjunct professor, Georgetown University Law Center

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About The Panel

Since June 2013, Edward Snowden, aided by many journalists, has been disclosing
information about some of the u.S. government’s formerly secret activities, including the
bulk telephony metadata program under Section 215 of the uSa-patriot act; the
domestic communications content program under Section 702 of the FiSa amendments
act of 2008; the collection of americans’ communications from u.S. providers overseas
under executive order 12,333; and interference with technical encryption standards. the
controversy over these disclosures sparked calls for legal reform of surveillance in the
united States and europe, and for technological activism in Silicon Valley. this panel will
explore some of the overarching issues raised by the nSa programs, such as the tension
between national security secrecy and democratic accountability, the roles of the private
sector in privacy and security, and the growing use of “big data” techniques in
government surveillance.